Where Should The Birds Fly After The Last Sky? (2015)

A space intervention project at MillOwners’ Association Building by French Architect Le Corbusier in Ahmedabad , India.

Of Ahmedabad and his association with the city, Corbusier had said: “With a full hand I have received, with a full hand I give.” 

Corbusier acknowledged the vision and aesthetic enlightenment of his clients, the mill owners of the city of Ahmedabad. It took courage and insight to engage the architect and his radical ideas, but in doing so, the mill owners demonstrated that modern architecture is a means to express a city’s aspirations. 

Today we are moving ahead into unknown territories of future, it becomes imperative that we begin to make sense of our place within contemporary times. What kind of society we would like to live in the future? We must question the relevance of Past – Where did we come from, how did we evolve, what did we upheld as Culture through centuries? What all things we need to discard and let go of? What all aspects of the past we need to retain, if at all? 

It is vital to ask these questions not only at a collective level but at a personal level as well. This exhibition shall strive to respond to these questions through the notions of Time and History as tools.

All the works in the exhibition investigate ideas via a visual poetry established through videos, photographs and installations.

Location: MillOwners’ Association Building (Palais des Filateurs), Ahmedabad, India
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