Myth Making In The Age Of Fake News, ART History Plus-PODCAST

In the contemporary time, with the rising impact of rational scientific views of the universe, the term "myth" has more and more come to imply stories that are incorrect, and this is the most prevalent usage of the word today. However, this meaning of the term suggests that modern scientific analytical methods have the last say on what is and is not genuine. Mythic storytellers, on the other hand, have often considered that reality is too complicated to fathom using any one technique of analysis, and hence have depended largely on stories to convey a glimpse of that complexity. Stories about legendary realms were, for them, more real than explanations of verifiable facts. Such storytellers recognized that the entities that inhabit mythological realms, as well as the events that take place inside them, were only accessible to a select, specially endowed visionaries. They also revealed secret linkages between unseen legendary realities and everyday people, places, objects, and events that they and their audiences encountered on a daily basis.According to such storytellers, only a tiny group of specially gifted visionaries could see the beings inhabiting legendary worlds and the events taking place within them. They also highlighted hidden connections between legendary worlds and everyday people, places, things, and events that they and their listeners witnessed every day.

SCAD Museum of Art 

Solo Exhibition 2022

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