The idea of Prohibition is nothing but an imposed idea of morality by the people in positions of power. The idea of Prohibition has been refuted by progressive societies across the world from time to time.This installation is a reminder to all of us that the idea of Prohibition has never worked in the past. History tell us that many societies had their share of this massive social experiment to restrict and forbid substances, actions, people within their social fabric. Inadvertently,those substances and actions have always been proliferated despite the restrictions, and will continue to do so.

Its time we begin to think beyond just the knee-jerk reaction to a problem and address key issues on a deeper level. Today, India is a global partner as a developing society where we have a choice not to repeat the mistakes our ancestors made with regards to the idea of Prohibition. Our nation stands on the foundations of freedom and democracy and by prohibition it takes away the fundamental right of individuals to decide for themselves what is good and what is not.

The struggle against prohibition is parallel to the struggle against casteism, racism, and xenophobia, the struggle for gender equality, struggle for sexual preferences, struggle for self-determination and various other endeavours to fight the regressive mindset.

Its high time we start talking about it. Lets talk Prohibition.

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