Few years back I came across a photograph of Hanuman, which many believe to be the original photograph of the Lord taken in a cave in Himalayas. Hanuman is the monkey God who is one of the characters from the great epic of Ramayana. Hanuman is believed to be one of the seven immortals in Hindu mythology. The other immortals are Ashwathama from the epic Mahabharata, Lord parashurama the avatar of Lord Vishnu, Sage Markandeya, King mahabali from the story of Vamana avatar, Sage Ved Vyasa, the author of Mahabharata and Sage Kripacharya.

On the Internet, I found there are several forums and blogs where people have been discussing whether the photograph is real or fake. There were many of them who wrote stories about spotting of other immortals. The stories they wrote were never the first person account of seeing the immortals but these stories were either heard from their grandparents or witnessed by some distant family members. These stories became a starting point for this project.

I realized that being an artist I have the power to place myself on the mythological timeline to construct and fabricate the myth which stands at the foundation of any culture.

In this project, I have constructed, manipulated and fabricated the existence of the immortals in our present times through the medium of photography.

In the process of finding the immortals, it became a search within myself in the hope of becoming immortal. 

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